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IE Conditional Comments

Posted by James in Web Development on 10. Jun, 2008 | Comments Off

As a note for myself I found this code to work (finally) to specify two stylesheets for client websites to make sure IE6 box model bugs and issues are incorporated so that I can use an IE specific CSS so that the CSS and HTML still validate without reporting that the *html … hack was [...]

Design Resources: Input Forms

Posted by James in Design, Reference, Web Development on 21. Apr, 2008 | Comments Off

Many a times when designing certain website concepts you may need a few pre-drawn HTML elements such as the web forms.
Head over to Designers Toolbox and grab the PSD format elements for use in your concepts.
Covering on the Mac: Safari and Firefox and on the PC: IE(7 I believe) and Firefox.
I think from memory Safari [...]

New Logo – Studio9ine

Posted by James in Design, Web Development on 17. Mar, 2008 | Comments Off

Finally happy with a logo, since I’m my worst client when designing artwork for myself, I figured it was time to update the studio9ine logo from my freelance days.
Rather than create a symbol alongside the name and have the 9 within the name “studio9ine” which becomes doubled up, I decided on integrating the symbol [...]

Safari: Flat input buttons in Leopard? Here’s why.

Posted by James in Reference, Web Development on 01. Nov, 2007 | Comments Off

A post I found online from Todd Dominey
After installing Leopard this afternoon one of the first things I noticed had nothing to do with the updated operating system, but rather how form input buttons appeared in Safari. The classic silver aqua look had been replaced with a flat, unattractive, style that (for me anyway) left [...]

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